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Our shopping cart integrates with several payment gateways. A payment gateway is required to collect the money from the customer's credit card, and deposit the money into your bank account. A payment gateway is typically a bank, or a third party, that specialises in payment gateway solutions. 

Note: Website World does not charge these fees. The fees below are indicative fees charged to you directly by your chosen payment provider (and/or merchant account provider). 

  • Stripe is a popular new multi currency option, very competitive against Paypal, no merchant account required, and automatic bank transfers. Just 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.
  • Setup fee: Nill Monthly fee: Nill Transaction Fee: 2.4 - 3.4% plus 45 cents. 17 major currencies including (US$, NZ$, AU$, EUR, GBP etc) Funds deposited to your account only on special request, then it takes 1-3 days.
  • Accept Visa and Mastercard from $0.30 + 2.80% per transaction. Subscriptions and Automatic payments supported
  • A payment integration from WorldLine, requiring an existing NZ merchant account from your bank. $25 per month + 20 cents per transaction. Subscriptions and Automatic payments supported
  • Installments - Provide customers the ability to pay with 4x fortnightly payments.
  • Installments - Laybuy lets customers spread the total cost of their purchase over 6 weekly automatic payments. Merchants are paid in full asap, less a transaction fee. Customers receive their online purchase asap. Fees may apply to customers who don't make payments on time.
  • Installments - Pay in 4 equal installments, over 6 weeks (Was partpay)
  • Deferred payment option, with 10 weeks to pay.
  • Setup Fee: $149 + bank fees Monthly Fee: $39 per month includes 100 transactions, plus monthly bank fees apply
  • Merchant accounts now included. Free monthly plan options, with some free transaction options. Plus 3.4% transaction fee. NZ UK AU HK SG MY
  • PayChoice supports subscription billing, and single transactions. Pricing just 25c per transaction, and from AUD 1.5% or NZD 2.5% percentage on Visa and Mastercard.
  • Setup Fee: $200 including merchant account. Monthly Fee: $30 Bank Transaction Fee: from 3.4%
  • Setup Fee: $99+ Monthly Fee: $40+ includes some transactions Transaction Fee: 2%-8% Transaction Fee: 50 cents Funds deposited same day.
  • Setup Fee $230 Monthly: $35 Transaction Fees: 2%-5% Currencies: NZ$, US$, EUR, AU$, etc
  • A great credit card payment gateway service from Kiwibank.
  • Installments - Humm lets customer pay in 4 fortnightly payments AUD only
  • Setup fee: Nill Monthly fee: Nill Transaction fee: 3%+$0.50 Faster deposits to your bank account.
  • Customers pay by online banking and merchant gets instant notification for real time service. Only 1% transaction fee.
  • Payoneer allows you to receive bank transfer payments in another currency, to your own unique bank account in common international currencies
  • An affordable way to send or receive money internationally. Transferwise can provide you with an ordinary bank account number in several currencies, and alert you when customers make a payment to you.
  • Setup Fee: $240 Annual Fee: $435 Transaction Fee: 4.5% Multiple currencies.
  • This bank uses the same MIGS interface as ANZ, and some other banks. All banks using the MIGS interface are supported by our shopping cart.
  • Setup Fee: $150. Monthly Fee: $39 per month includes 150 transactions, then 39cents per transaction.
  • Setup: $275 Transactions: 2%-4% Monthly: $45 includes 200 trans Additional Transactions: 20 cents Westpac can offer you a direct solution for merchant account and WIPS, technically the same as DPS.
  • Setup fee: $100 Monthly fee: Nill Transaction Fee: 2.75% for most merchants, 0.95% for charities and NPOs. Currencies: US$, NZ$, AU$, EUR, GBP etc 3-Day Automatic settlement of funds. No need to setup separate merchant account with a bank.
  • We also provide options for payments by online banking, or direct debits. Learn more about the options
  • You can apply to american express directly for a merchant account. They have a one time setup fee and no monthly fees. However, to accept payments online, you will need to connect this to your existing payment gateway. Check with your payment gateway first just to make sure they are compatible.
  • Do you want to accept payment by AliPay and WeChat also?
  • We now support a custom FORM/URL builder. So you can integrate almost any known payment gateway, using our dynamic parameter and custom HTML code segment.
  • Learn more about taking subscription payments, repeat payments, recurring payments and more