Domain Registration

The most popular suffixes in NZ are and .nz

Some people like to purchase both and point both at their website.

Register your domain or see it's availability by searching for it below:

Other Notes

You must pay for your domain before it will be registered. You can renew most domains at anytime during the registration period. If you do not renew your domain before the expiry date, you are liable to lose control of your domain. Different domain registries have different grace periods after expiry when you might be able to re register the domain. During the grace period, your domain may be inactive or point at the registry page. 

We encourage all our customers to ensure they renew their domains before expiry, and better yet, register their domains for several years to help your SEO ranking. 

Renewals for website builder customers with live websites is the same price as registration. However, customers renewing domains that do not have a live website attached will pay our usual domain fee.

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